Car Tyres

We offer a full range of Car Tyres including premium brands, mid brands and budget brands.

And don't assume that prices are cheaper on the internet. Give us a call and we'll show you how our 'all inclusive' service is likely cheaper and better value.

Premium Brands of Car Tyre

We stock all brands of tyre and would always recommend that our customer fit one of the premium brands to their vehicle.

The premium brands are all of the ones that you have heard of, so if you are offered a brand that you haven't heard of it's not premium, no matter what anyone tells you!

As an independent tyre dealer we have our favourites and these are choices that we have made based on quality, performance, reliability, value, supply and business model.

Our first 4 choices would be:

Michelin Tyres For many years Michelin Tyres have been the de facto number 1 choice for motorists. This still remains today and Michelin is our number once choice of tyre when all things are equal. They regularly win independent tyre tests and are renown for superior grip in both wet and dry conditions as well as having excellent wear characteristics.
Bridgetone Tyres

Bridgestone tyres are fitted as 'Original Equipment' by BMW, Mercedes and Aston Martin to name but a few and with good reason. Fuel efficiency, noise and comfort are all significant factors for motor manufacturers and Bridgestone tyres tick all of the boxes. 

Continental Tyres

Continental Tyres are a very dynamic company and as you would expect have many Original Equipment fitments. With an easy to understand range and an excellent quality product they have a tyre to suit every need. 

Yokohama Tyres

Yokohama are new to the 'premium' category here in the UK but have been number 1 in Japan for many years. Pitched as a Japenese Michelin, their BluEarth range uses orange oil (from oranges!) to produce a more Eco Friendly product that also offers excellent wet weather grip and low rolling resistance which helps to save fuel.

As stated previously we stock all of the premium brands and are more than happy to supply you with the other big names as well. Whilst they may not be our favourites for 'logistical' reasons they still make excellent quality tyres and will give you many miles of worry free motoring.

Goodyear Tyres Pirelli Tyres Dunlop Tyres




Mid Brands of Car Tyre

We realise that you may not always want to fit a premium brand of tyre to your vehicle and understand that it is usually the cost which is prohibitive.

For this reason we stock a vast range of what we creatively call 'mid brands' for our more cost concious motorist.

We have our favourites here too and offer our broadest stock range and most competitive prices on the following brands: 

BF Goodrich Tyres Hankook Tyres


For added peace of mind it's nice to know who make these tyres.

BFGoodrich are made by Michelin. BFG are often associated with 4x4 tyres but they have a very strong car range that offers excellent quality and safety at a reasonable price. Our strong relationship with Michelin means that we keep a wide range of BFGoodrich tyres in stock at all of our depots. 

Hankook are made by Hankook and they are bidding for a place in the premium category. Their tyres have to live up to an expectation to get there which means the product is very strong. The prices have crept up over the last year or so but in certain sizes they remain excellent value.

the rain tyre

Uniroyal are made by Continental and have long been associated with UK motorists as they were the first to promote the wet weather capability of their tyres by promoting them as The Rain Tyre. Since it rains for 165 days on average in the UK they could be onto something.

We have other mid brands available such as Firestone, Toyo, Avon, Kumho, Maxxis and Falken so whatever your requirement we can help.






Budget Brands of Car Tyre


Interestingly there are two categories of budget tyre and they are 'Budget' and 'Super Budget'.

We neither recommend them nor advocate their use but we do stock them and know they sometimes they are the only option. 

The key brands we stock are Kingstar (made by Hankook), Kormoran (made by Michelin)  and Hi-Fly.

Many others budget brands are available, most of which are made in China. They go by some creative names including Black Lion, Yellow Sea and Dong Fang. How comfortable would you be driving on brands such as these?

We will never sell you a budget tyre but you are very welcome to buy them from us and we only ask that your make the purchase knowing the limitations of these tyres.

Tyres have 4 key attributes and are measured by:

  1. Wet Grip
  2. Dry Grip
  3. Resilience
  4. Longevity

If we ignore the wet and dry grip for just a moment, the major issue with these tyres is that they damage very easily and they don't last very long. 

It is well documented that if you buy budget tyres you can expect to buy tyres more often

In the wet, from 70mph, it can take 13 metres longer to stop on budget tyres over a premium brand tyre - 70mph is normal motorway speed and 13 metres is a LONG way

To find our more about why we wouldn't recommend budget tyres please take a look at our budget tyres section.