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Air Conditioning

Top up your air conditioning for tip top performance and eliminate bacteria and viruses at the same time

Air Conditioning Recharge and Top Up + Anti Bacterial Clean 
  • R134a only £69.99
  • R1234yf only £100.00 

The type of gas required is specified by the vehicle manufacturer, but as a general rule, vehicles pre 2017 use R134a and vehicles made after 2017 require R1234yf

Did you know?

  • Your Air Conditioning System will leak approx 15-20% of its gas per year making it less efficient every year.
  • Bacteria can build up in the air vents if it isn’t cleaned regularly.
  • It should be serviced every 2 years to replace the lubricating oil in the system as well as to refill the lost gases.
  • Please allow at least an hour for the service.
  • We inject dye into the system making it easier to detect a leak should you have one.
  • An Air Conditioning Service should be carried out regularly to prevent expensive damage to components.

Using the latest Sun Koolkare Breeze II, we can recover, recycle and top up the refrigerant in your air conditioning system.

Whilst doing that we also remove, clean, replace and top up the oil (that lubricates the insides of your air conditioning pump and all of the seals) and add a leak detecting dye to help find any leaks that you may have.

Once this is done we can then we also offer an anti-bacterial clean that removes harmful bacteria that build up in the system and on the vents. The antibacterial clean will also remove the unpleasant odours that can sometimes be emitted from vents.

If your air conditioning doesn’t feel as cold as it used to then pop in for a free temperature check. In most cases a simple recharge is enough to give your air conditioning system a complete new lease of life.

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that you have this done once every 2 years or with a major service.

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