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Exhaust Systems, Catalysts & DPF Filters

If you have an odd rattle or strange noise, or if your fuel consumption has suddenly gone up then let us give you a free exhaust check

Exhaust systems are more complex than they used to be but because of modern engines and catalytic converters they tend to run hotter and therefore last longer. 

Your exhaust system needs to be in good working order to meet emissions requirements and to give you the best possible fuel consumption. 

If your car is a little louder than it used to be or if the fuel consumption has gone up then please drop in and we can give you a free exhaust check.

Our trained technicians will report back the condition of your exhaust and catalyst and should you need any items replacing we only use OE quality parts.

You will find us a lot cheaper than your local BMW, Audi, Mercedes or Toyota dealer with no reduction in quality.

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