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Steering & Suspension

Whether your car has failed an MOT or if it clonks or bangs more than it should, then we are here to help


  • Front shock absorber – £68.50
  • Front spring – £62.50
  • Rear shock absorber – £52.00
  • Rear spring – £47.00


*Example price for Ford Focus 1.6 (2000 – 2006) and prices are per item. It is recommended that the above items are fitted in pairs.

All prices include VAT and labour. They apply to real parts on real cars but please consider that this may not be the price for your car. Please call for further details.

The suspension on your car has a very demanding job, but primarily it is there to ensure that all four of your wheels are touching the ground all of the time and are pointing in the direction you want them to.

This may seem very obvious and completely logical but over a period of time, various components can wear which means this state of equilibrium is lost.

Your MOT will usually highlight any mechanical defects but there may be times between MOTs when you can hear a clonk, bang, squeak or graunch or maybe the steering feels vague or needs more correction than usual.

If you experience any of these things, have failed an MOT or would just like you vehicle checking over, then please call or drop in and our trained staff can give your vehicle’s suspension and steering a full inspection.

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