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Wheel Alignment

Keeping your Wheel Alignment within the manufacturers specifications not only makes your car nicer to drive it makes it safer and also saves you money on tyres and fuel

We recommend having your wheel alignment checked every time you have tyres fitted to your vehicle. We offer a free of charge, no obligation, check.

Computerised Hunter 4 Wheel Alignment Services

  • Front Toe (Tracking)
  • Front and Rear Toe
  • Full Geometry (includes Camber, Caster, etc. where applicable)
  • Steering Sensor Reset

How do I know my Wheel Alignment Needs Checking?

You may remember when you first got your car and how you enjoyed driving it because it felt taught and alive and happily drove in a straight line without wanting to pull to the left or the right.

Sadly over a period of time that feeling disappears and the car starts to feel a little ‘vague’. Along with the vagueness it will also usually pull towards the kerb and you will have to correct this by steering slightly ‘right’ in order to go in a straight line.

Don’t wait until your car feels like this. A 4 wheel alignment check is FREE so we recommend you have it checked at least twice a year or whenever you have tyres fitted.

Does It Matter?

On the surface this is annoying, but as well as the safety implications there is a longer term financial impact. The constant steering to the right means that your tyres are always being dragged sideways, which not only wears the tyre out prematurely but to add insult, to injury it costs you more in fuel as well!

Prices start from £50 including VAT and in most cases that is less than the cost of half of a tank of fuel and in many cases less than half of the cost of a single tyre.

Visit us for a FREE 4 wheel alignment check and we will provide you with a clear ‘traffic light’ printout of your vehicles current geometry. Green is good, Red is bad. We will quote you for any adjustments that need to be made and you can decide if you would like to proceed.

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