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What are Winter Tyres?

Winter tyres, also known as snow tyres, are specially designed tyres that provide improved traction and handling in cold and snowy weather conditions.
Winter tyres have a softer rubber compound than regular tyres, which allows them to remain more pliable in cold temperatures. They also have a deeper and more complex tread pattern that is specifically designed to provide better grip on snow and ice.
This tread pattern typically features small grooves and cuts, known as sipes, that provide additional biting edges for improved traction.
In addition to their unique tread pattern and rubber compound, winter tyres may also feature metal studs or other traction-enhancing technologies, such as micropumps or hydrophilic rubber compounds, depending on the specific design.
It is important to note that winter tyres are not designed for use in warm or dry conditions, as their softer rubber compound can wear down more quickly and reduce fuel efficiency. Therefore, it is recommended to switch back to regular tyres when the weather improves.
In regions with frequent snow and ice, many drivers choose to use winter tyres during the colder months to improve safety and handling on winter roads.

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